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Women's Addiction Treatment in San Francisco

If you're a woman struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, help is available. Women often have different substance use patterns and histories with situations like trauma that contribute to addiction. Those differences have to be taken into consideration in an effective treatment program. If you're seeking women's addiction treatment near San Francisco, Casa Serena Treatment can help with our women's drug and alcohol rehab in Santa Barbara. We work exclusively with women to help them recover from substance abuse, mental health disorders, and trauma.

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Addiction in Women

Research decades ago only looked at the effects of substance use on men. Only in the past few decades have women started to be included in this, which has helped with the delivery of more effective treatment.

Some of the key points of differences between men and women related to substance abuse include:

At Casa Serena treatment, we are in Santa Barbara and are available if you’re seeking women’s addiction treatment in San Francisco. We understand the many barriers women face when getting help, and we navigate each treatment plan individually to ensure your needs are met holistically.

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Addiction Treatment Services for Women in San Francisco

When looking for a women’s drug rehab in San Francisco, consider Casa Serena Treatment, located nearby in Santa Barbara. Our programs are focused on your needs as a whole person because you are more than your addiction.

Located blocks from the ocean, our care is ethically minded, including different treatment modalities like:

When you’re looking for women’s drug and alcohol treatment in San Francisco, choosing a women-only center can help you focus entirely on the work of your recovery. Casa Serena, while not in San Francisco, is a coastal facility in Santa Barbara, making it ideal if you are looking for a San Francisco women’s drug rehab.

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What to Expect During Treatment

While we tailor each client’s treatment plan to their specific needs, the general steps in the treatment process at Casa Serena can include:

  • Treatment planning is collaborative and happens within 24 hours after your admission to Casa Serena. We work on identifying your goals for treatment and making an individual care plan.
  • Family therapy is part of our approach whenever possible. We utilize the Family Systems Model of therapy, which helps loved ones identify healthy ways to interact with one another.
  • Case management includes assessment and treatment planning, facilitation, and care coordination. You’ll work with a dedicated case manager, and we’ll ensure all available resources are utilized to the fullest for your well-being.
  • Discharge and aftercare start being planned for you within your first week of admission to ensure that you’re prepared to meet possible post-discharge challenges.

Families or clients seeking women’s addiction treatment in San Francisco can consider the benefits of women’s only care that’s compassionate and comprehensive at Casa Serena.

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Programs at Casa Serena

Some of our addiction treatment services include:

We treat co-occurring mental health disorders in our dual diagnosis programs, including eating disorders and can provide more information about those as well.


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